Disaster Risk Reduction And Management Handbook For Academic Institutions Book


Sakunang Darating, Saklolo'y Tayo Rin

Author: Llanes, Ferdinand C.


The idea of a handbook on disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) came with a backdrop of destruction that came with certain typhoons from 2011 to 2014—Sendong in Mindanao (2011), Pablo also in Mindanao (2012), and Yolanda in the Visayas (2013)—and the threat of the Big One, a massive earthquake predicted to come from either the Manila Trench or the West Valley Fault.


At about this time, the Padayon, UP Public Service System was being set up; and when established, it included DRRM for the UP campuses and for communities as one of its flagship projects. Such a project evolved from a conference discussion of capacities across the university and then a resolution to develop a DRRM training workshop, which the office was able to conduct very successfully in Diliman and Baguio.


Generating a handbook from this experience also recognizes individual and collective expertise, which the university has developed over the years, both in terms of social and scientific research on natural disasters (and their impact on society and the environment) and in terms of practical engagement in disaster sites. There was more than enough basis for this kind of guidebook in disaster preparedness, which can be transmitted not only to academic communities but also to other publics across the country.


c2018, 506p., 6x9in


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