Dolce Amore Vol.1 DVD

Dolce Amore Vol.1 DVD


Artists: Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano, Matteo Guidicelli, Cherie Gil, Sunshine Cruz, Edgar Mortiz

The ongoing war in the Republic of Askovia seperates a newborn child from her parents Alice and Uge.

The child who miraculously survives an explosion, is brought to a refugee camp and instantly wins the heart of an Italian telecom magnate, Roberto Marchesa.

Longing for a child, Roberto decides to adopt the poor girl, and names her Serena.

However, when he goes back to Italy, Roberto instantly earns the ire of his barren wife Luciana, who felt hurt when he decide to adopt a child without her consent.

With Luciana being emotionally distant to Serena, the latter grows up spending most of her time with Roberto and her Filipina nanny Melds, who always tells the young girl fascinating stories about the Philippines.

When Serena finally learns the truth about her past, the young girls decides to reach out the other orphans like her.

Following Melds' suggestion, Serena gives some of her cherished toys, clothes, and shoes to an orphanage in the Philippines called Buklod Kalinga.

There, a young boy named Simon appreciates Serena's sweet gesture and thanks her through a letter.

It does not take long before a unique friendship is formed between the two as they continue to share stories about their respective countries.

Serena and Simon's bond, however, is shattered one day, when Luciana interferes and prevents Serena from receiving Simon's letter.

Unaware of what Luciana has done, both Serena and Simon feel dejected for suddenly losing their communication with each other.

Several years later, a grave financial crisis hits the Marchesa Telecom. In order to save their company, Luciana proposes a merger to the De Luca family, and arranges a marriage between her daughter and Gian Carlo, Serena's childhood friend.

As much as she wants to help her family, Serena resolves not to agree with the proposed merger.

But as things continueto get worse, Serena, in a last-ditch effort, decides to go to the Philippines to present a proposal to a billionaire businessman who can help save their business.

Upon arriving in Manila, Serena's plan to meet with the businessman is thwarted by an unexpected mix-up involving Tenten ---who, unknown to Serena, is her long-lost friend, Simon, at the orphanage.

After managing to clear things up, Tenten makes it up to Serena and offers to help the latter present her proposal to the elusive billionaire.

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