Dolce Amore Vol.2 DVD

Dolce Amore Vol.2 DVD


Artists: Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano, Matteo Guidicelli, Cherie Gil, Sunshine Cruz, Edgar Mortiz

Determined to help her family's struggling business, Serena grabs every opportunity to talk to Mr. Mossman, a potential investor who can save Marchesa Telecom from going under.

As such, when the billionaire invites Serena to his place one night to discuss her proposal, the young Marchesa immediately agrees, unaware that the businessman has other plans.

Mr. Mossman's plans, however, are thwarted when Tenten arrives --just in time-- to save Serena.

Furious over Tenten's unexpected arrival and bold accusations against him, Mr. Mossman calls off the deal with Marchesa Telecom, leaving Serena extremely angry at Tenten for ruining her chance to save her family's company.

Just when she thinks that there are no other options left, Serena learns that Gian Carlo has recently announced on nationwide TV his family's intention to help their business.

Thankful for the latter's gesture, Serena finally agrees to give Gian Carlo a chance.

Before going back to Italy, however, Serena decides to go to the Buklod Kalinga to look for her old friend Simon.

Though unable to learn of Simon's whereabouts, Serena gets her hopes up the following day when she gets a call informing her that Simon is at the lobby of her hotel.

Feeling anxious, Tenten initially fails to tell Serena that he is her long-lost friend at the orphanage.

But after rereading Serena's past letters, Tenten finally musters enough courage to admit the truth through a song.

As Tenten later joins Serena in her trip to Bohol --where the latter is finally reunited with her former nanny Melds-- budding feelings start to grow within him.

And as he and Serena spend more time together, both of them are unable to hide the undeniable connection between them

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