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Artists: Vic Sotto, Kristine Hermosa, G Toengi, Bing Loyzaga, Aiza Seguerra, Michael V

Enteng Kabisote, is Tagalupa married to Faye, a lovely fairy and the only daughter of Ina Magenta, Queen of Engkantasya, an enchanted kingdom.

The couple has 2 kids, Aiza and Benok. The family is living peacefully and happily until the day Satana, the evil queen of Kadiliman brings chaos to earth by sending Romero, Lucy and Fer to poison the water of the dams.

But Venuz and Aries, armor fairies sent by Ina Magenta stopped them.

Satana turns her ire to Enteng's family. She sends Itim to spy on Enteng and Faye.

But because of the family's goodness to him, Itim deceived and lied to Satana.

In turn, Satana transforms herself into a young girl named Tanny who seduces and possesses Benok but Enteng manages to stop her evil deed in time.

Burning with anger, Satana kidnaps Faye. She demands that Ina Magenta surrenders her good powers so she can rule the earth.

Instead, Ina sends Enteng and Benok together with Itim (transformed into talking flying horse) to fight Satana.

Directed by Tony Y. Reyes

Enteng Kabisote Okay Ka Fairy Ko (The Legend) VCD

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