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Starring Lito Lapid, Trovador Reyes Jr, Isabel Granada, John Regala, Gladys Reyes, Barbara Milano

Lt. Marko Salazar and Sgt. Danny Carino were to escort a reporter who was raped and nearly killed by her abductors.

Lt. Ronnie Santos and his brother SPO2 Mon Santos were involved in the crime but eluded the law time and again.

Capt. Villanueva sent the team of Lt. Marko Salazar to an unknown place to protect Caheri and only to surface when the case against Santos is already prepared. Capt. Villanueva was ambushed while tailing the suspect.

Teresa, the secretary of Villanueva Salazar found out that they were dealing with syndicate.

Sensing that Sgt. Carino were being followed, they prepare to leave but the men of Santos came and a fight broke out.

A successful and well-trained team, this time against a well-trained syndicate, will they be able to complete their mission in one place.

Directed by Harry James

Eskort VCD

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