EU and Asean Regionalism: An Interdisciplinary Approach Book

EU and Asean Regionalism: An Interdisciplinary Approach Book


Authors: Cristina M. Bautista, Kritzman G. Caballero, Irwin A. Cruz, Manuel R. Enverga III, Marissa Maricosa A. Paderon, Javier Rico Israel R. Tionloc and Victor S. Venida


These essays, written by instructors in European Studies, aim at illuminating aspects of the European experience in regional integration by comparing and contrasting with the experiences of ASEAN from the Philippine point of view. The essays cover various topics and themes from data comparison, socio-cultural issues, political integration, institutions, trade relations and integration, demography and population, among others. The papers come from various disciplines—economics, political science, sociology and some areas that highlight the necessary interdisciplinary approach to studying particular regions anywhere in the world.


It is hoped that this collection of readings will help contribute to the knowledge and awareness of those who would like to learn more about the EU, and about what the Philippines as a member of the ASEAN can learn to apply to her own domestic and international policies as elements of development programmes into the future. It can also inform those whose inclinations are towards developing private businesses that can mean well with the ASEAN and the rest of the world, with the EU businesses as models or starting points. (From the book’s Preface by Victor S. Venida)


C2019, ADMU

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