Exodus, Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom VCD

Exodus, Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom VCD


Artists: Bong Revilla Jr, Aubrey Miles, Iya Villan, aBenjie Paras, Jay-R, Paolo Bediones

In a world ravaged by war, mankind's fate rests on the reluctant shoulders of one man, Exodus (Ramon Bong Revilla.), a grim, unsmiling mercenary with extraordinary fighting skills and a murky past.

It is Exodus who leads the surviving humans agains the fearsome creatures of the dark, including Haring Bagulbol, an all-powerful being who is bent on humankind's annihilation.

Faced with certain death, the leaders of the city dispatch Exodus on a quest to the enchanted land to capture five elementals; Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit to help him fight the creatures of darkness.

Taking over these mythical elementals proves be difficult and hazardous, but after exciting adventures and misadventures, Exodus manages win them over.

Near the end, as one unified team, Exodus and the elementals take on Bagulbol in an awesome final battle.

Will the goodness and light return to the world or will it be crushed and plunged forever into the eternal darkness of evil?

Directed by Erik Matti

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