Fiesta Extravaganza (1971) DVD

Fiesta Extravaganza (1971) DVD


Artists: Nora Aunor, Tirso Cruz III, German Moreno and Ike Lozada


Also Starring Delia Dolor, Bebong Osorio, Rebecca Rocha, Ernie White, Ric M. dela Rosa, Edgar Garcia, Armando de Guzman, Jr., Jerry Reyes, Sally Pineda, Richard Sands and Patria Plata


Introducing Manny de Leon, Bobet Torres

Featuring Pepot, Metring David and Lito Calzado


Guest singers- Eddie Peregrina, Armando ramos, Aida Villegas, Millie Mercado, Esperanza Fabon and Joe Alvarez


Guest radio announcers- Ben david, Betty Mendez, Helen Vela, Henry Ragas, Manolo Favis, Mellie Factora, Vic Morales

Guest combo- Freddie and the Klinks



  1. Sampaguita vintage videos are DVD-burned copy only but guaranteed copied from the existing master copy.
  2. This vintage video is NOT a restored version.
  3. Copying is done entirely by Sampaguita Pictures Inc.
  4. VERY limited copies only.
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