Forevermore Vol.2 DVD

Forevermore Vol.2 DVD


Artists: Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano, Joey Marquez, Irma Adlawan, Marissa Delgado, Pinky Amador

The La Presa farmers put all their energy and resources together for the Strawberry Festival, and in the course of preparing for the Strawberry King and Queen Pageant, Xander and Agnes finally become friends.

However, Xander, who leaves to finalize the details for his business event, encounters several glitches that delay his return. And even as he exhausts all efforts to make it on time, Xander arrives at the venue too late.

Agnes is devastated, for Xander broke his promise to her and to everyone at La Presa. But this time, Xander, who has a penchant for running away from problems, courageously faces the brunt of everyone's disappointment.

Eager to win back Agne's trust, Xander sets off to find the girl's estranged mother. However, little Niknok, who begged Xander to take him along, ends up getting lost in the woods.

The farmers soon find Niknok, but this doesn't spare Xander from Agne's wrath. But after lashing out at Xander, Agnes is left perplexed when Xander walks away after telling her that her pain can never rival his.

Agnes is filled with regret after learning about Xander's painful past--- his parent blame him for the tragic death of his brother.

So when Xander returns to La Presa he sees that the tables have turned, for it is Agnes who is now going to great lengths to appease him.

The camaraderie among everyone is soon restored, especially between Agnes and Xander who are beginning to enjoy their blossoming friendship.

Though both are aware that their attachment is within the confines of friendship, other possibilities are triggered by a bizarre incident--- Xander and Agnes accidentally consume the halves of a twin strawberry.

Legend has it that if two people eat this rare strawberry, they are bound to love each other for eternity.

Xander and Agnes dismiss the idea as the folks at La Presa tease them. But deep inside they know that they're beginning to see something in each other that they have never seen before.


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