Fuschia DVD

Fuschia DVD


Artists: Eddie Garcia, Gloria Romero, Armida Siguion-Reyna, Robert Arevalo, Iza Calsado, Celia Rodriguez

FUSCHIA tells the story of Mameng (GLORIA ROMERO), a 62-year old woman who for the past 40 years is living-in with Gener (ROBERT AREVALO), her husband’s (Mars played by EDDIE GARCIA) best friend when the latter left her when he joined the US navy.

Mars never communicated with Mameng for four decades and Gener took over the role of her husband.

Suddenly, Mars arrived from the States and decided to spend the rest of his ailing days with Mameng much to her surprise and much to Gener’s chagrin.

Mameng opted to an unusual set-up of having the three of them live in one house.

Her family (especially her sister, Juana played by ARMIDA SIGUION-REYNA) and townsfolks consider it a big scandal but Mameng with all her noble intentions stood by her men.

The simultaneous deaths of her two “husbands” made her rediscover her inner strength – and to fight for truth and justice!

Directed by Joel Lamangan.



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