Ginto't Pilak DVD

Ginto't Pilak DVD


Artists: Rudy Fernandez, Rosanna Roces, Jay Manalo, Dick Israel, Tsing Tong Tsai, Berting Labra

Ben and Dina are partners. Their crime: extorting money from filthy rich 'dirty old men' who cant seem to control their libido.

But one day, their usually smooth operation takes a sudden turn when Dina meets Tanaka, a Japanese Yakuza.

Smitten by Dina's charm, Tanaka gives in to her whims.

But Tanaka is a compulsive gambler, and one night her loses virtually everything--- the syndicate's money included.

To escape the wrath of his boss, Tanaka decides to flee with Dina but he succumbs to a heart attack.

Dina now becomes the target of the synsicate's attempts to recover the money and the diskette that contains very important information--- and it's up to Ben to help her get out of the mess alive.

Directed by Romy Suzara.

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