Goat Buster Sa Templo Ni Dune DVD

Goat Buster Sa Templo Ni Dune DVD


Artists: Dolphy, Panchito, Gloria Diaz, Gretchen Baretto, Nanette Inventor, Rolly Quizon


Dolphy the king of comedy has a dual role here.


Baldo (Dolphy) the "Goat Buster" upon the request of the police to get rid of criminal elements disguised himself as his brother Bogart who heads a notorious syndicate and who was injured when his rogue companions tried to kill him in a struggle for leadership.


Baldo now the crime buster had a tragic confrontation with his brother and in the insuing drama Bogart succumbed from bullets inflicted by Jane (Gloria Diaz) his former girlfriend now Baldo's fiancee thus putting an end to the crime syndicate.


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