Halang Ang Bituka VCD

Halang Ang Bituka VCD


Artists: Ian Veneracion, Jackie Forster, Efren Reyes Jr, Roi Vinzon, Conrad Poe, Brando Legaspi


Rodel Sta. Cruz (Ian Veneracion), is a hired killer, merciless in killing people, recognizing nothing but his own hands to be the law. But Rodel's cruelties extend only to the evil of the society.  And that he has a kindheart to those in need and deprived.


But his way of living is bound to change when he met Myrna (Jackie Forster), a singer in the club where he use to hang out. He decided to quit his job in order to start a new life, together with Mryna and his friend Dante (Roi Vinzon).


Yet true enough the road to a fair living will not be that easy for a man like him who wants to grasp a second chance in life.  The shadow of his past will chaste him till death.


Will he escape or will he surrender and swallowed again what he already spit out? An action packed film reiterating the value of upholding what is right no matter what the cost.



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