Halik Sa Aking Lupa VCD

Halik Sa Aking Lupa VCD


Starring Allona Amor, Jeffrey Santos, Raffy Arindo, Venus Varga, Allan Gilbert, Elaine Dizon

Leonore (Allona) is a tough policewoman working undercover to capture a large drug syndicate.

The operation is successful but during the process she shot and kills the syndicate leader.

After a few years, Leonore finds herself living a content and quiet life in the company of her husband, her parents and her siblings.

Without warning, their happiness is destroyed when they are suddenly attacked.

Somehow, Leonora escapes the massacre along her youngest sibling.

She then learns that Cobrage (Jeffrey Santos), the twin brother of the druglord she had killed years ago, ordered the masscre.

She encounters Anton who helps her in her quest for revenge.

Using her skills as a master of diguise, the search for Cobrage's whereabout begins.

Upon discovering his lair, Leonora arranges one final confrontation with the villian.

Directed by Jett Espiritu

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