Hatiin Natin Ang Ligaya VCD

Hatiin Natin Ang Ligaya VCD


Artists: Rita Magdalena, Daisy Reyes

Magdalena, the elder Balino daughters, gets married to Carding in a simple yet elegant provincial ceremony. Ambitious, Magdalena urged Carding to move with her to Manila where they will seek their fortune.

A few years and 2 kids later, we find Magda and Carding in an accessoria but planning to move into a house of their own. When they move into the new house, the elder Balino and Magda's younger sister Gracia "grace" their small party.

The community of friendly neighbors are mostly m ade up of OCW widows and widowers. A friendly young OCW widow Lisa, regales Magda with stories of her husband's success. But when Magda brings it up with Carding, the latter demurs, not wanting to leave the family.

And so Magda applies. And she is accepted in Singapore. To take her place while she is away, she requests Gracia which the sister agrees to.

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