Hesusmaryosep! Four Fathers VCD

Hesusmaryosep! Four Fathers VCD


Artists: Bobby Andrews, Bojo Molina, Polo Ravales, Gerald Madrid, Sherilyn Reyes, Long Mejia

Four priests, four perspectives on priesthood, four stories about sacrifice.

The first story concerns a priest who finds out he's a father.

After several years of unselfish service to his parish, Father EP (Bobby Andrewss) is reunited with his former girlfriend Carol (Sherilyn Reyes), who is now dying.

He also finds out that her only son is actually his.

These twists of fate make Father EP reconsider his vacation... perhaps life as a family man -caring for the sick Carol and their son- will make him happier?

The second story is about a priest who can't forgive his own flesh and blood.

Father Man (Bojo Molina) is a prominent social activist.

What most people don't know is that Father Man has a personal issue to settle: his dad is languishing in jail.

Father Man has not forgiven his dad for abondoning him and his mom many years ago, and he doubts if he ever will.

The third story revolves around Jojo (Polo Ravales), an acolyte who's torn between his love to serve the church and his infatuation for a nun aspirant.

Who will win in this tag-o-war?

The fourth story is about Father Dondon (Gerald Madrid), a closeted gay who is forced by circumstance to be true to himself.

After coming out of the closet, Father Dondon is shocked when is expelled from the Church.

Where does God stand on this controversial ruling?

Four Fathers is a comedy with heart, a movie that will make you laugh and cry in equal doses.

Directed by Edgardo Vinarao

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