Hikbi DVD

Hikbi DVD


Artists: FP Go, Adrian Landicho, RC Pagtalunan, Lav Diaz, Carme Sanchez, Nino Valencia

This is a story about Ram who is a discreet but promiscouos gay guy who frequents malls, bars and third-run theaters in search of a sex partner until he met Jay who works as a trike driver and fell madly in love.

From then on, his sexacapade stops losing its rainbow color when he submits exclusively to Jay overwhelmed by the feelings that he is most happy even just seeing him until he finds out that Jay has long been a call boy and is occassionally selling himself to hungry homosexuals including a best friend.

If it is what we call "nakahanap ng katapat" or "equal footing" episode in life, then such an episode in Ram's life is a very sad story to tell as he struggles a year's depression that almost consumed his life in the same time that Jay on the other hand had gotten a girl pregnant.

The depression had been doubly pressing that Ram's life was total knockout--- a deterioration brought about by more promiscuity, drugs, alcohol, rock n roll, etc. thinking these things could alleviate the pain so to forget the sad experience.

Until HIKBI came, the baby girl Jay is blessed with the girl he met in school.

While hurting and feeling pathetic because he could not stop Jay from his sideline callboy business, Ram starts to pick up his pieces.

He is at his happiest when Jay and Tisah would come to his house from time to time with the baby whom he calls Hikbi to reminsice the painful memories he has had with Jay.

Being given moments and days with Hikbi is in itself a consolation that there could have been somehow love and respect out there, out in that presumptous relationship.

Being with them and having Ram part of their humble family is a redemption of all the unimaginable pain and crazy feelings, struggle and devastation in Ram's life.

Directed by Felbert P. Go.



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