Himala DVD

Himala DVD


Artists: Nora Aunor, Laura Centeno, Spanky Manikan, Vangie Labalan, Veronica Palileo, Gigi Duenas, Joel Lamangan


Pilgrims and the afflicted seeking Divine help troop to a small isolated barrio where an unassuming lass has claimed to have seen visions of the Blessed Mother. Later, the lass herself confesses that the "miracles" she performs are a hoax.


Cupang, a sleepy town, changes drastically when Elsa (Nora Aunor) reveals her vision of the Virgin Mary. She begins to heal people, attracting a pilgrimage of tourists, the sick and the curious. The townsfolk grab the opportunity to earn money, offering religious articles, bottled holy water, lodging, and even daughters.


Orly (Spanky Manikan), a filmmaker who is cynical about religion, tries to capture Elsa's miracles on film. But instead, he witnesses the rape of Elsa and her friend Chayong (Laura Centeno). Shattered by what happened to them, Chayong commits suicide while Elsa stops healing people.


The town sleeps again until the discovery of Elsa's pregnancy which coincides with the end of a long drought the people believe to be a curse. The people believe that Elsa's conception is another miracle. People again flock the town. However, Elsa publicly denies the existence of miracles and an assassins bullet kills her.


Directed by Ishmael Bernal


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