Hiyas... Sa Paraiso ng Kasalanan VCD

Hiyas... Sa Paraiso ng Kasalanan VCD


Artists: Via Veloso, Alma Soriano, Katrina Paula, Lovely Rivero, Lito Legaspi, Charlie Davao


The story is about a young lass, Rowena secretly fell in love with a young man named Jeffrey who she used to see at the church.


She and her family is living simple yet peaceful life until his father got indebted with a huge amount of money to a friend. To pay his debt Rowena was forced to work as a prostitute to Madam.


Rowena met Jeffrey again at the house of Madam one day when Jeffrey's father brought him there to hire a woman for him. However, nothing happened to Jeffrey and Rowena that night because Jeffrey wants his first experience to happen to the woman he loves.


Rowena and Madam's assistant, Ricky, got close to each other. Ricky always protects her against Madam and helped her too to get out of Madam's house to start a new life. Still with Ricky's help, Rowena was able to return to school and met Jeffrey again who studies on the same school.


They fall in love with each other and Jeffrey's first experience finally happened to the one he loves, Rowena. Jeffrey's parents learned about their relationship and were very much against it because of Rowena's past. Jeffrey does not hesitate to fight for his love to Rowena.


Meanwhile, Madam finally find out where Rowena is and forced her again to go back to her house to work again for her as prostitute. Ricky once again helped Rowena against Madam and unfortunately got wounded by a gunshot. The police came and arrested Madam and his men.


Rowena was stunned that Ricky can risk his life for her. Ricky told her that she looks like his sister who has passed away that is why he was so concerned with Rowena.


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