Honor – The Legacy of Jose Abad Santos Book

Honor – The Legacy of Jose Abad Santos Book


Honor – The Legacy of Jose Abad Santos: The Story of One of the Greatest Filipino Heroes of World War II

Author: Desiree Ann Cua Benipayo (et.al)


In this new biography of José Abad Santos is told the story of the highest ranking member of the government to give up his life - voluntarily and unflinchingly - rather than stain himself with dishonor.


José Abad Santos had been Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Secretary of Justice, and empowered to act as president in the absence of the president of the Philippine Commonwealth Government, Manuel L Quezon. Abad Santos was steadfast in his decision not to work .with the Japanese conquerors, preferring to stick to his oath and his beliefs. He had been a brilliant government official and jurist and his loss was keenly felt. But he set an example for others - an example that redounds to the present day. It is not easy to give up one's life; others of lesser mettle would have pleaded or would have bartered their very soul just to live on. But José Abad Santos unswervingly faced death in the face.


c2018, 264p.

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