Hot Hunks 2010 VCD

Hot Hunks 2010 VCD


Artists: Clyde Cruz, Carlo Lopez, DJ Lopez, Rommel Rabida, Jed Rivera, Jethro Sanchez

Ten sexy hunks in the skimpiest bikinis vie for the title of Hot Hunks 2010 in this groundbreaking semi-reality video.

For the first time, you, the viewer, gets to dertermine who wins a bikini contest.

Watch the ten sexy vignettes of the candidates and decide who is the most deserving to win the title of Hot Hunks 2010.

Will it be shy hunky waiter, Jerome? Dandy, the Korean model or Clyde, the call center agent?

Each hunk has his own personality and sex appeal ---and only you will get to choose who will win Hot Hunks 2010.

Also watch what happens behind a bikini pageant.

The ten candidates were asked to stay in a private house prior to the contest with cameras monitoring their life within the bikini boot camp ---from the first meeting to their recreation time, their private conversations and even their most private moments in the shower.

Witness what happens in the backstage before the bikini show and watch the actual bikini pageant in the comport of your television.

There can only be one winner so choose your favorite candidate and make him win Hot Hunks 2010.

Hot Hunks 2010 is the first installment of Bikini TV, a semi-reality video series dedicated to bringing the bikini pageant to a wider audience and providing a sexy and interactive experience to its viewers.

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