Artists: Erich Gonzales, Enchong Dee, Pokwang, Melai Cantiveros, Dennis Padilla, Janus Del Prado


Mayumi "Yumi" Punongbayan (Erich Gonzales) has been looking for her soulmate all her life.

When she meets Lance Anderson "Lance" Tan (Enchong Dee), she feels that he is the guy who is destined for her... her 'the one'.

Lance, on the other hand, believes that everything in love is a choice.

Inspite of differences, they agree on one thing: their love will conquer all.

And so, Lance and Yumi have made efforts to seal their great love.

As they plan out for the day they would be one, their wedding date keeps on being postponed due to obstacle ---Yumi's unexpected pregnancy and Lance's family--- that place their relationship on rocks and to a great test.

Would Yumi still cling to her belief that love is by fate?

Will Lance still choose Yumi over his family that is against their love?

Would Yumi finally have her dream wedding?

I Do is a unique tale of how love binds two young people of opposing beliefs and how their love gets entwined with destiny, decisions, and choices towards a greater love way beyond anyone could dream of.

Directed by Veronica Velasco.



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