I'll Be There VCD

I'll Be There VCD


Artists: Gabby Concepcion, KC Concepcion, Jericho Rosales, Mickey Ferriols, Cacai Bautista, Luz Valdez

Real-life father and daugther Gabby and KC Concepcion team up for the first time in I'll Be There, a touching film about forgiveness and reconciliation.

Scarred from her father leaving fifteen years ago, the New York-based Maxima Dela Cerna (KC Concepcion) meets her father Poch (Gabby Concepcion) in the Philippines to claim her inheritance left by her mom, in order to make her dreams in New York come true.

But Poch, hoping to reconnect with his daughter, asks her to live with him in Sta. Elena for thirty days before giving her what she needs.

Though unable to stand her father, Maxi is left with no choice but to agree.

It is in Sta. Elena that Maxi meets Tommy (Jericho Rosales), the fun-loving single father who gives Maxi his frank but insightful opinions about Maxi's angst towards her father.

Through this, Maxi learns to open herself to seeing Poch in a new light, allowing for them to close off their past wounds and start again.

But as they slowly learn to become father and daughter to each other again, will Maxi be able to give up her aspirations to live with her father?

Will Poch be able to let go of the daughter he waited so long to be with?

After leaving, and being left behind, does one ever stop knowing how to love?

Directed by by Mario J. Delos Reyes.

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