Ikaw Lamang VCD

Ikaw Lamang VCD


Artists: Kim Delos Santos, Dino Guevarra, Dina Bonnevie, Assunta de Rossi, Melisse Santiago, Aiza Marquez, Mel Martinez


On the outside, they are as opposite as north and south. Ella (Kim) is a responsible young woman working very hard to fend for her family; Caloy (Dino) is a happy-go-lucky guy who never had any problems with money. But love knows no boundary.


They meet and fall in love. With Ella in his life, Caloy finds direction. But while Caloy is enjoying his new life, Ella finds it hard to combine relationship and responsibility. A charming tale of the ups and downs of growing up and the joys an d pains of young love.


Directed by Mac Alejandre


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