Imagine You & Me DVD

Imagine You & Me DVD


Artists: Alden Richard, Maine Mendoza, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Irma Adlawan, Cacai Bautista, William Martinez


Gara (Maine Mendoza) is an OFW who works very hard in Italy and believes in destiny and true love. On the other hand, Andrew (Alden Richards) is a medical student who was brokenhearted and is very pragmatic and not enthusiastic about accepting fate. As they cross paths in Italy, their personal beliefs help them recognize each other and view love in an unusual way.


Circumstances in her family led to Gara's departure from the Philippines and work in various jobs in Italy. One of her job involves pet sitting the dog of Clarissa (Jasmine Curtis-Smith). One day in a park, Gara sees Andrew who seems sad and heartbroken. Suddenly, a thief grabs Andrew's bag and then goes after the snatcher. Gara also pursues the thief and gets the bag from the thief but Andrew is nowhere in sight. She peruses Andrew's smartphone to find contacts and inform them about the whereabouts of Andrew's belongings.


Aside from being a pet sitter, Gara also works as a household helper for Terry (Irma Adlawan) who turns out to be the stepmother of Andrew. Gara and Andrew have not met personally and Andrew sees Gara in their living room while browsing his smartphone. Andrew confronts Gara saying that she is connivance with the thief. After arguing, they accidentally fall and hug in the couch. Terry comes into the scene and ends their feud. Gara eventually returns Andrew's bag and their romantic relationship starts.


Andrew reveals that he has to move on with his life after proposing to her ex-girlfriend Isay who left him without any reason. In a flashback scene, Andrew is seen giving a heart-shaped glass to Isay but it fell and broke. He was in the park hoping that Isay would come back and explain everything about their breakup. He leaves pieces of the broken heart-shaped glass on all of the places that they have been. Gara finds one of the pieces of the glass in front of Clarissa's house. She concludes that Isay and Clarissa are the same person and indeed they are. Isay broke up with Andrew because she has leukemia.


Gara arranges the meet up between Andrew and Isay so that they can finally meet and talk. Meanwhile, Gara decides to return back in the Philippines. In their meeting, Isay tells Andrew that he is happier with Gara and he must go after her. Gara did not make it in the airport due to an accident. In the hospital, Andrew prays that he would not lose Gara because she loves her so much.


Directed by Mike Tuviera.



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