Imahenasyon VCD

Imahenasyon VCD


Artists: Ping Medina, Bella Flores, Janice Jurado, Bodjie Pascua, Soliman Cruz, Bombi Plata, Pen Medina


"20 years.  20 Films.  20 Filmmakers.  1 Nation."  

Imahenasyon is a groundbreaking conceptual omnibus film by 20 of the country's leading alternative filmmakers who were tasked to present their personal visions on national issues. 

It is underlined by a conceptual question asked by line producers Jon Red & Carol Bunuan Red:  "What Happened After 1986?"

That question also became a thematic and uniting thread across the films, but each film is made of different cinematic genres that is representative of the filmmaker's style, stressing the concept that inspite of individual visions, we share the same goal:  to depict a truthful image of the nation.  

The omnibus project was conceptualized by Jon and Carol in commemoration of Edsa 1, a political revolution that changed their generation forever.  It is also a celebration of the struggle and growth of Philippine independent cinema which, in essence, is a cultural revolution only now gaining public acceptance.  A unique and common element in Imahenasyon is rising Indie actor Ping Medina who is featured in all the 20 films.  He represents the next generation who will play a crucial role in the direction of the nation and its image.

Directed by Milo Alto-Paz & Poklong Anading



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