Imoral.... Sino Ka Para Humusga? DVD

Imoral.... Sino Ka Para Humusga? DVD


Artists: Paolo Paraiso, Katherine Luna, Arnold Reyes, Edgar Allan Guzman, Perla Bautista, Cherry Madrigal


Paolo Paraiso makes his big screen transition via "Imoral" opposite Katherine Luna and Arnold Reyes with Edgar Allan Guzman.....


A lot of people put a high priority on monogamy in a relationship. However, there are rare intances when the couple agrees to have an open relationship, allowing the participants to take other partners.


Written by Gerry Gracio ("Santa- Santita"), "Imoral" tackles the dynamics of the relationship between a husband, his wife and his lover as they all live in one house.


Paolo portrays the taxi driver who divides his time between his lover and his wife, Katherine is a former waitress who is now selling beauty products for a living, and Arnold Reyes plays the engineer and nurturing lover of Paolo.


By living with such an arrangement, the three lovers become the target of the community. Things take a drastic turn when Dante (Paolo) sees a bag full of money inside his taxi. Now that they have money, will they still decide to stay together or go their separate ways?

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