Imortal Vol.2 DVD

Imortal Vol.2 DVD


Artists: John Lloyd Cruz, Angel Locsin, Maricar Reyes, Rico Blanco, Vivian Velez, Jomari Yllana

The mere touch of each other's hand sets off enormous changes in the lives of Mateo and Lia, as divined by a seer named Jethro--- changes that will put them both in grave danger.

Mateo's sudden affliction attracts the attention of a vicious group of vampires led by Samantha, who knows that his symptoms could only mean that Mateo is a threat to her status as the Chosen One.

This incites Samantha to send an assassin to kill Mateo.

And Lia's instinct to protect her beloved triggers her own powers to emerge--- a discovery Lia must keep secret from her own kind to escape unjust punishment from the ruling power that has oppressed her all her life.

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