Imortal Vol.4 DVD

Imortal Vol.4 DVD


Artists: John Lloyd Cruz, Angel Locsin, Maricar Reyes, Rico Blanco, Vivian Velez, Jomari Yllana

Thinking that Lia will become the target of revenge after he calls off his wedding to Clarisse, Mateo persuades her to go into hiding with him, unaware that Lia is already being hunted down by Lucile's men after discovering a bugging device that she has planted in her superior's office.

But soon Clarisse manages to track them down, and her attempt to kill Mateo propels Lia to transform into a werewolf right in front of Mateo's eyes.

Will love be enough to conquer Mateo's prejudice against werewolves, or is the revelation of his beloved's real identity too much for him to accept?

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