Kahit Ang Mundo'y Magunaw VCD

Kahit Ang Mundo'y Magunaw VCD


Artists: Christopher de Leon, Pilar Pilapil, Luis Gonzales, Rosemarie Gil, Eddie Garcia, Mel Francisco, Chanda Romero


Do we really have a past life? Is reincarnation a real word or just a fiction?


Amanda (Pilar Pilapil) is a real icon- a tribal goddess... a sexy lass turned popular rich designer. On the other hand, there's Reden/Delyo (Christopher de Leon) - a tribesman... a young romantic lover... and a charismatic singer.


Delyo's past runs after his present. Amanda's present clings to her past. The two met and tried to build a bridge and heal the wounds of their past... they failed... but they will not stop.


Life continues even after death in a different world where their infinite love will find its way.

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