Kahit Isang Saglit VCD

Kahit Isang Saglit VCD


Artists: Judy Ann Santos, Piolo Pascual, Leandro Munoz, Mark Gil, Carmi Martin, Bernard Palanca, Julia Clarete


The young architecture design team of Dexter, Annie, Michael and Marla was born in the campus, Michael is Dexter's longtime friend. Annie, on the other hand, is renting a room in Marla's house when the two guys met Annie, not only a foursome of friendship was formed, but also a triangle of love - Dexter and Annie readily developed a serious romance, while Michael kept his own feelings from Annie to himself.


Dexter, a bright, confident, naturally visionary young man, becomes the central energy of the team. With his cool messianic statute, very positive and competent he easily captures the group's trust and becomes the source of their inspiration. With him at the helm, their newly established company is bound to go places, and everyone could never been more enthusiastic.


Until... during the well-guested, festive business launching night, Dexter meet a fatal accident: he falls over the third floor balcony's unfinished railing - that while Annie and Michael dancing sweet.


Dexter is rushed to the hospital, and there, succumbs to comatose. Everybody is shocked. Annie, Michael, Marla and Dexter's parents, Edward and Shiela. They all just couldn't believed it, and couldn't accept it. All of the sudden, all becomes crippled in the inside.


Directed by Gilbert Perez.


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