Kahit Isang Saglit Vol.3 DVD

Kahit Isang Saglit Vol.3 DVD


Artists: Jericho Rosales, Carmen Soo, Cristine Reyes, Christopher de Leon, Albert Martinez, Malou de Guzman

Garie introduces Rocky to Ronaldo (Albert Martinez), who later realize that Rocky is the son of the man he has killed and was brought up by his mortal enemy Anthony (Christopher de Leon).

Realizing the danger of being found out, Ronaldo immediately forbids Garie to see Rocky, and when this proves difficult, he decides to take her back to Malaysia even against her will.

Though reluctant to leave Rocky behind, Garie is left with no choice but to return to Malaysia when she finds out that her mother Eunice is terminally ill, forcing them to survive one of love's greatest tests: distance.

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