Kahit Isang Saglit Vol.4 DVD

Kahit Isang Saglit Vol.4 DVD


Artists: Jericho Rosales, Carmen Soo, Cristine Reyes, Christopher de Leon, Albert Martinez, Malou de Guzman

Garie finally discovers that it was Ronaldo who killed Rocky's father, and to protect him she decides to break up with Rocky and give the latter the excuse that she's getting married to Amir.

Rocky goes to Malaysia to dissuade Garie, but his attempt is cut short when his colleagues informed him that Marian got involved in a drug bust that would later kill his beloved aunt.

Both losses hit Rocky hard, and he tries to move on with his life without them.

But just when Rocky thought that his life is back on track, Garie shows up two years later, endangering the life he has set up for himself and his relationship with his current girlfriend Alona.

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