Kahoy Volume I Book

Kahoy Volume I Book


Wood and Its Uses from Pre-Hispanic to Spanish Colonial Philippines

Author: Cheeks Sangalang Fabriquela

Spread over 7,100 islands, Philippine forests host one of the most diverse flora in the world with 8,120 species of flowering plants, 3,500 indigenous trees, 33 species of gymnosperms and 640 species of mosses. The forests have been a major source of timber and other forest products for Filipinos and their foreign colonizers. The latter’s appetite for timber, however, greatly contributed to the decline of the forest cover area.

This lexicon of wood terms aims to help unravel the stories about wood told by past generations and harness the meanings inherent in the fabric of movable and immovable cultural heritage.  These meanings will help in realizing the latent potential for the development of these heritages that could significantly affect the lives of future generations of Filipinos.

c2013, 399p, 257 x 180mm, UST

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