Kaleldo (Summer Heat) DVD

Kaleldo (Summer Heat) DVD


Artists: Johnny Delgado, Cherry Pie Picache, Juliana Palermo, Angel Aquino, Allan Paule, Liza Lorena


In the summer of their lives, three women will discover what it means to be free. Kaleldo is a story told in three segments, each part seen from the eyes of three daughters in the span of seven summers in Guagua, Pampanga. Mang Rudy (Johnny Delgado) is a widowed wood carver who wields an iron hand over his children.


His youngest daughter Grace (Juliana Palermo) has to face the reality of leaving the ancestral house on which she is deeply rooted, when she weds Conrad (Loren Novero). On the other hand, Lourdes, the married middle daughter, goes into an illicit affair, for which reason Mang Rudy succumbs to a heart attack.


Jess (Cherry Pie Picache), the eldest daughter, is a lesbian whose bitter luck in life is being unwanted by her own father. But when the patriarch of the family suffers and becomes bedridden, Jess brings home her lover (Criselda Volks) to help look after the ailing father. In the end, each daughter finally discovers herself and learns that life is indeed volatile and ever changing... just like the seasons.


This slice of life drama has received raves during its screening at the 2006 Rome, Vienna, Hawaii, and Cairo International Film Festivals.


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