Kamandag ng Rosas VCD


Artists: Marinella Moran, Hazel Espinosa, Yda Manzano, Jeffrey Gonzales, Erwin Montes, Aldo Alvarez, Eric Rodriguez, John Agoncillo


Sandra is a strip tease dancer and Gido belongs to a payroll hold-up gang. Sandra got the P2M loot from the group, but the hold-up gang was going after the money. Sandra was hit by a car the night the group of Gido was trying to kill her.


Because of the accident lost her memory, it was Andy who took care of Sandra. Sandra was almost raped by George and while resisting she bumped her head and remembered her past. Sandra took revenge on Gido and his group.


She was put to prison because of what she did. After years in prison she granted parole. She married Andy after her release.


Directed by Angelo De Guzman.




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