Kamoteng Kahoy VCD

Kamoteng Kahoy VCD


Artists: Gloria Romero, Nash Aguas, Robert Villar Jr, Meryll Soriano, Yul Servo, Anna Capri, Irma Adlawan


This is based on a true story which happened in a small barrio in Bohol in 2005. More than 21 children died and almost a hundred were hospitalized after eating cassava cakes sold by an old woman, who might have accidentally used pesticide in her ingredients.


She has been selling cassava cakes in that school, and has a loving relationship with the children. The film follows a town's journey from painful trauma towards healing through the intercutting points of view of two of the child survivors, and the old woman vendor.


The two child survivors, in their own beguelling yet perceptive ways, slowly learn the issues of crime, prejudice and compassion as they develop friendship and accept their loss.


The old woman, who is ostracized and condemned by the entire town, even by her own family, finally makes sense of the whole tragic thing and takes matters into her own hands.


Directed by Maryo J. delos Reyes.





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