Karma DVD


Artists: Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon, Ronaldo Valdez, Chanda Romero, Tommy Abuel, Ruel Vernal


A crime of passion is about to make history again.


Sarah (Vilma Santos) is forced to defer her wedding when her scheduled flight is delayed.

At a hotel where she is staying, Sarah encounters Eric (Ronaldo Valdez), a regular guest, who forces himself on her.


The incident leaves a stigma not just on Sarah but more so on her fiance, Alfredo (Tommy Abuel) whose dream of marrying a virgin is dashed.


Strangely, Sarah and Eric's paths cross again at a time when their respective marriages are in disarray.


Their meeting strikes both as deja vu.


Could it be that they have met each other in the past?


Their suspicions are confirmed after Eric consults a psychic.


As it turns out, Sarah and Eric are the reincarnation of Guada and Enrico, two lovers who had an illicit affair sixty years ago.


When Guada's husband Limbo (Ruel Vernal), learned of affair, he went on murderous rampage.


Now Sarah and Eric seem destined to follow the same path.


But in whose spouse does the spirit of Limbo rest?


Is it the disabled Alfredo? Or Enrico's estrange wife Cristy?


Directed by Danny Zialcita

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