Karnal VCD

Karnal VCD


Artists: Philip Salvador, Charito Solis, Vic Silayan, Joel Torre, Cecille Castillo, Vangie Labalan, Joonee Gamboa


Digitally restored and remastered video.


A groom (Philip Salvador) takes his city bride (Cecille Castillo) to his hometown to settle in his father's house. Struck by her uncanny resemblance to his dead wife, the patriarch (Vic Silayan) is driven to lust after his daughter-in-law.


When things come to a head, a violent family quarrel ensues and leads to tragedy. A middle-aged spinster (Charito Solis) recounts the tale to reveal her identity and trace the downfall of the landowning clan trapped in the past.


Directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya. 

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