Komiks Vol.2 ( Piolo At Si Lorelei/Momay) DVD

Komiks Vol.2 ( Piolo At Si Lorelei/Momay) DVD


Artists: Vilma Santos, Rio Locsin, Christopher de Leon

PIOLO AT SI LORELEI. Piolo a grandma's boy, was saved from drowning by Lorelei, a mermaid when they were just kids.

They again crossed paths when Piolo was attacked by Diana, a girl who ordered to have him killed because he wasn't interested in her.

She again rescued Piolo from drowning and they fell in love.

Pugita, Lorelei's guardian, tried to get in the way but their love overpowered Pugita's fury.


MOMAY. Momay and Andro met one day in a cafe.

It was love at first sight for both.

That same day, Momay got into an accident and died.

Andro, a romance novelist, checked in a bed and breakfast place in Tagaytay to write.

There he met Mommy Ana who was Momay's adoptive mother.

Momay's ghost began to show herself to Andro.

She even tried to take over dying and weak bodies in order for her to follow Andro.

But that kind of love could never work.

Momay decided to move on to the next life and Andro promised her that he'll love no other.

That they'll meet again in the afterlife.

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