Komiks Vol.3 ( Kamay Ni Hilda/Paa Ni Isabela) DVD

Komiks Vol.3 ( Kamay Ni Hilda/Paa Ni Isabela) DVD


Artists: Bea Alonzo, Toni Gonzaga, Luis Manzano, Melanie Marquez, Jestoni Alarcon, Jenny Miller


KAMAY NI HILDA. Toyang who was killed by the man who fathered her child made a promise to her new born Hilda that everytime she is in danger, her hands would protect her.

Hilda's hands transform into monstrous hands whenever danger comes her way.

It is only when her father's blood come into contact with her hands that the curse would stop.

PAA NI ISABELA. Two reporters who were ex-lovers, Tina and John battle it out to get an exclusive story about a killer/monster who lives in an old mansion.

Tina with her gay cameraman, Dexter, went to the story first but John did not let her so they finally agreed to share the story.

They discovered that Kuliling impregnated Isabela, the wife of Dr. Regidor, and owner of the mansion.

In order to provide food for the baby, Isabella's elastic hideous feet stretches to drain life from its victim.

Before adversaries, now allies, Tina and John must now try to outthink and outsmart Kuliling and Isabella in order to escape.

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