Komiks Vol.5 (Sandok ni Boninay/Super Starboy) DVD

Komiks Vol.5 (Sandok ni Boninay/Super Starboy) DVD


Artists: Sharlene San Pedro, Mickey Ferriols, Archie Alemania, John Prats, Melissa Ricks

SANDOK NI BONINAY - An orphaned girl named Boninay was gifted with a magic sandok by a fairy.

She was adopted by a couple named Ogee and Ethel who owns an eatery.

Ethels' eatery competed with a much bigger eatery owned by Señora Factora just across the street.

Boninay tried to help by making Ethel's cooking smell and taste delicious thus enticing costumers to come to her eatery.

Señora Factora decided to get even, and the war of magic started between good and evil.


SUPER STARBOY - Boy and Gary are identical twins who get separated from one another when they were still babies.

When Boy turned 17, a meteor fell in their backyard.

The sparks of the meteor affected him in a good way: his polio was cured, and he was able to acquire super-strength, and super-speed plus the ability to fly-- making him StarBoy!

And the complications began and the action became even more intense when he saved his twin brother Garry who suddenly disappeared without a trace.

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