Komiks Vol.6 (Bampy) DVD

Komiks Vol.6 (Bampy) DVD


Artists: Eliza Pineda, Dominic Ochoa, Cassandra Ponti, John Lapuz, Kristine Hermosa, Claudine Barretto

Ponsa and Juan, a vampire couple could not bear a child, the head vampire, Bampirela reprimanded them for not having children and threatened them that if they do not produce children they will be killed.

One day a young couple, Ester (who was pregnant at that time) and Pido has just moved in beside the mansion of Ponsa and Juan.

The vampire couple befriended the mortals and stole their child.

Bampy grew up to be abeautiful but lonely child.

All she wanted was to live a normal life, go to school, play and meet new friends.

But Bampirela is out to make Bampy a vampire.

With the help of Ponsa and Juan, her new friends and her real family.

Bampy fights Bampirela for freedom.

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