Kulaboretor: The Issue of Political Collaboration During World War II Book


Author: Augusto V. de Viana

One characteristic of a great historian is his ceaseless search for the truth and publicly disseminating his findings. De Viana is one such historian. Before him, many have already written about this issue. None produced a book that clarifies the reasons why many Filipinos collaborated with the Japanese. De Viana’s book dissects them from all possible angles. He uncovers many more details about the collaboration issue and makes us understand the behavior of many leaders of our country then and now. "Kulaboretor!" is a must read book. --LUIS CAMARA DERY
ose P. Laurel defending his role in the wartime Philippine Republic; the narrations of collaboration detainees who were held in prisons in Sugamo, Iwahig and Bilibid; the angry remarks of Claro M. Recto, accusing MacArthur and the US in general of betrayal; the bitter sentiments of former Executive Commissioner Jorge Vargas against MacArthur and the synopses of the cases of main political collaborators which have become precedents in Philippine jurisprudence. These details give new light and color to one of the hardly known issues in Philippine history and it will make us understand the behaviour of many political leaders today.

c2003, Rev.Ed.2016, 290p

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