Langis At Tubig VCD

Langis At Tubig VCD


Artists: Vilma Santos, Dindo Fernando, Amy Austria, Ronaldo Valdez, Ruben Rustia, Martha Sevilla, George Estregan


Bobby ia a man secretly in love with his neighbor and friend Cory but who is living-in with her partner Charlie. However, Cory decides to leave Charlie upon discovering his deepest secret that he is a married man. This gives Bobby the chance to show his true feelings for Cory and marries her even adopting the child Charlie has left in her womb.


Bobby lives the life of a perfect husband with Cory and accepts a job assignment in Albay shuttling to and from Manila to support his new family. In the province, he meets Pilar a lovely town girl. His friendship with Pilar blossoms and they find themselves falling for each other, with Bobby concealing his real marital status.


Soon the two learn that she is pregnant and the family forces them into marriage. Consequently, the women discover that Bobby is living a lie and is married to two women.


He is forced to make a crucial decision, which of his marriages must be honor? Or will he faced the prospect of getting charged with bigamy?


Directed by Danny Zialcita

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