Lastikman (Mark Bautista) VCD

Lastikman (Mark Bautista) VCD


Artists: Mark Bautista, Sarah Geronimo, Danilo Barrios, John Estrada, Joel Torre, Cherie Gil


Growing up in a barrio nestled close to a lushly vegetated forest taught Adrian to love nature and to value the role it plays in the lives of men. It is no wonder then that he was willing to stake his life to save his beloved trees from illegal loggers. Badly beaten up and left for dead, Adrian finds a savior in the rubber tree he was protecting. Its huge branches move magically to embrace his hurting body. Its sap oozes down to heal his wounds.


Adrian wakes up from his ordeal unharmed and wonder of wonders, he is not only stronger but his body has acquired the strength, flexibility and elasticity of rubber. His limbs can stretch up to the sky. His body takes on assorted forms. He can take on all the bad guys in the world and win. And that is what he does.


Disguised in his sharp green and black get-up he is Lastikman, a hip, young dude whose kind heart brings help to the oppressed, the defenseless or to anybody in danger. Adrian soon discovers that there are worse enemies than illegal loggers around and that the people around him might actually be the guilty ones.


A werewolf preys on the barrio folk and he senses that it is somebody he knows. A woman suspected of being an aswang returns as the formidable Lastika to avenge the death of her family. They spell big trouble for Lastikman. But he has faith that the good always triumphs over evil.


The tasks ahead are daunting but he is going to take up the challenge. Soon he hopes to return to his simple life as Adrian but only after Lastikman has made the world safe again.


Directed by Mac Alejandre


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