Ligaw Liham (Letters Of Nor) DVD

Ligaw Liham (Letters Of Nor) DVD


Artists: Karylle, John Michael Lee, George Macainan

1971, in a small town in Negros, the post office simply stops its operations--- letters were neither coming nor going, leaving an unaccounted number of corrupted lives.

No one knew except for the postman and his caretaker.

This is a story on how deeply people get affected when one of society's basic services stops working.

Nor, a typical provincial lad finds an opportunity to sway to the dance of love when he takes over the pen of Karen's husband and wrote letters not his and assumes the identity of another man.

Nor reads the letters hidden in an old warehouse and takes over the pen of Karen's husband who was working in Saigon.

Soon after, a correspondence between Nor and Karen takes place and Nor finds himself truly falling in love.

Directed by Jay Abello & Manny Montelibano

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