Lola DVD

Lola DVD


Artists: Anita Linda, Rustica Carpio, Tanya Gomez, Jhong Hilario, Ketchup Eusebio


Two elderly women bear the consequences of a crime involving their respective grandsons.


Lola Sepa's grandson is killed by a cellphone snatcher, and Lola Puring's grandson is the suspect.


Lola Sepa files a formal complaint to the police and wades through the bad weather to collect money for the burial and court hearing.


Meanwhile, Lola Puring is advised by a pro-bono lawyer to work for an amicable settlement since the criminal case is non-bailable.


In the midst of a storm, Lola Puring solicits money to offer Lola Sepa, hoping that the grieving woman will accept, and that her misguided grandson will eventaully reform himself.


Directed by Brillante Mendoza.


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