Lupin Vol.2 DVD

Lupin Vol.2 DVD


Artists: Richard Gutierrez, Katrina Halili, Ara Mina, Tirso Cruz III, Janno Gibbs, Polo Ravales

Episode 12- 22.

The misadventures of Lupin (Richard Gutierrez) begin when his rich businessman father is found dead.

Andre Lupin, who was left behind, is raised by a man named Duroy (Tirso Cruz II).

He is treated as a real son and grows up to be one of the best thieves in town.

He posseses fast hands, quick reflexes and is an even faster thinker.

Despite being just a high school graduate, he remains extremely intelligent.

He becomes a business tycoon during the day and a master thief by night with his wit and charm as his weapons.

Lupin has three sidekicks who help him in his numerous heists: Ashley (Katrina Halili), a military school graduate with sharp shooting skills, a female master of disguise, and a truly attractive woman; Brigitte (Ehra Madrigal), Lupin's lookout, a college dropout but from where she gained her knowledgeable skill in computer hacking, and an expert in knife weaponry; and Castor (Boy2 Quizon), known as the "King of Small Time Con" and who used to be Lupins opponent.

In their numerous adventures, a comic antagonist by the name of Inspector Clavio (Janno Gibbs) always get in their way.

Meanwhile, two women capture Lupins heart: Angeli Villavicer (Abigail Cruz), who Lupin wanted to marry in his efforts to turn a new leaf from his former dark life; and Avril Legarda (Rhian Ramos), the orphaned daughter and sole heir of a murdered rich businessman.

Lupin unfolds a compelling story of trials, tragedy, success and love.

With sleek and luxurious sports cars, breath-taking and action-packed scenes, and swoon-worthy romantic tale, Lupin will surely captives the viewers attention.

Witness the adventures of a young man trapped in his past, of which love has yet to set free.

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