Maalaala Mo Kaya (1954) DVD

Maalaala Mo Kaya (1954) DVD


Artists: Rogelio dela Rosa, Carmen Rosales, Dolphy, Patria Plata, Rosa Mia, Horacio Morelos, Helen Gamboa


A classic love story about a composer, singer, and the song they put together. Celso's (Rogelio dela Rosa) mother is suffering from failing eyesight. An undiscovered pianist, he puts his fortune to the test and goes to the city for his mother's sake, leaving behind his true love Pilar (Carmen Rosales).


A nameless figure in the city, he only had with him a song -fruit of the labor of love between him and Pilar-  and his funny friend Menes (Dolphy). He finds a producer named Patria del Mar (Patria Plata), who becomes instantly attracted to him.


With his mother in mind, Celso agrees to marry Patria. However, while his mother's eyes are healed, Celso discovers Patria's hateful personality. He also finds out that his daughter Precy's music teacher is his Pilar. Because of this, Patria becomes suspiscious of Celso.


Frantic, she takes out a gun and tells Celso that they are dying together. The next morning's paper brings the news of Patria del Mar's death, involving the names of Celso and Pilar. But only Precy knows the truth about who killed her mother.



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